Excelling enterprises have optimised their distribution and supply/demand chain costs and have them under control. They have done this from a clearly defined strategy, with an eye for the integration of logistics, the customer and the alignment of stock management, distribution networking, transport and warehousing. They also manage to arrange their processes, organisational structure, infrastructure and IT systems in such a way that the strategy can be fleshed out, internally and across various parties in a chain. And they manage to objectively measure where they stand vis-à-vis their objectives, partners and competitors.

Logisol Pro is an expert in supply/demand chain management and logistics, operationally, administratively as well as methodically. This expertise, built up through many years’ experience, is used in various ways:

  • Consulting assignments, where we usually integrate our people in the team of and with our customers;
  • Developing tools for supporting various logistics sub-domains such as inventory management, crisis management, ABC location division, cycle count optimisation, performance measurement, warehouse personnel planning and activity forecasts;
  • Training and educating several institutions such as PICS, VIK, IFBD, H.U.B. (KULeuven), SBM, UAMS, Vlerick, etc.
  • Contributions to Business Logistics, Value Chain and CXO and lectures at seminars and conferences All this provides a good mix of theory and practice as well as a broad field of knowledge to put everything in perspective. For the benefit of assignments awarded to us, we may compose teams of several experts, united in a collaboration.

This approach enables us to use the right expertise and not to have to charg

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