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Logisol Pro

Dear visitor

Welcome to our brand new site.
As you can see we’re finally online.

For the moment we’re working hard to compile all the necessary info to complete the description of our services and products.
We offer you a broad array of solutions, services and experience.

We are specialised in these activities:

  • Management Consulting

Have a nice visit.

Our avantages

  • Still active in the trade. We know the market, the systems, the SLAs, the consequences to be expected of strategic and tactical decisions.
  • Fully substantiated strategically, tactically and operationally, with expertise in the link between these levels and communication in the company on these levels
  • Experts in logistics processes, especially in a distribution environment and warehousing
  • Total independence of suppliers and/or service providers. Logistics is like communicating vessels. In this case the “vessels” are the different logistic areas (customer service, stock, purchasing, transport, warehouse, management /guidance and organisation) in the own sphere of influence, but also outside it via cooperation and therefore the supply/demand chain approach. Optimising logistics is finding the best balance between these areas in accordance with business and operational objectives, usually expressed in service and cost parameters.


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