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Logisol Pro is an independent consulting firm active in operational logistics: warehouse, transport, distribution, distribution network optimization and inventory management. We help companies optimize their operational logistics according to their company strategy and logistics goals.

With an open mindset

We make sure that the operational-strategic focus is translated into targeted methods, the correct operational concept, the right processes, the appropriate availability of information, the right organization and the correct measurement and evaluation tools. Only then can operational objectives be achieved. The total picture must be correct.

Companies need support to move away from their day-to-day operational concerns and with an open, free and creative mind. However, the voice of the employees must still be heard. Many consultants rely on well-known advisory methods and a limited number of solutions, focus mainly on data analysis, and miss business vision.

Collaboration between different domains

Logistics is like communicating vessels. The "vessels" are in this case the different logistics domains (customer service, stock, procurement, transport, warehouse, management/control and organization) within their own sphere of influence, but also outside through collaboration and thus the supply/demand chain approach.

An effective logistics strategy is about finding the best balance between these domains according to corporate and operational objectives, usually expressed in service and cost parameters. Cost optimization is at the top of our list.

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If it all seems too much, we recommend browsing our website for more information on the different solutions Logisol Pro offers. Our expertise in logistics and process management has already convinced many different companies.