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Objective: guiding companies towards excellence and cost optimization

Logisol Pro supports companies on their way to excellence and cost optimization. To support its expertise, acquired through various national and international projects, Logisol Pro uses recognized methods and tools.


Strategic assessment

Strategic assessment to convert corporate objectives into operational objectives


Distribution, transport and warehousing (quick scan)

Inventory optimization

From item classification to determining prediction techniques to analyze and determine inventory parameters

Outsourcing method

Outsourcing method and contract and SLA templates

Work Approach

We can approach this in two ways: study/consultancy or continuous improvement.


A study/Consulting assignment focusing on strategy, AS IS analysis, TO BE scenarios, concept analysis and eventual implementation plan. The focus here is on flow and process research supplemented by substantiated quantitative analysis. The result is a newly designed operation and a path to get there. This approach allows for taking big steps towards the desired excellence, but usually also means investing in infrastructure or collaborating with partners. We can also support the implementation as a project or interim manager.

Continuous improvement/adjustment.

Then there is also the continuous improvement and adjustment. Based on a quick scan or assessment, opportunities for improving the functioning in the existing environment are sought, found, and implemented. This method is supported by targeted data analysis and benchmarking to support the feasibility and desirability of the changes.

Extensive applicability. Our customers appreciate us for our results-oriented concepts and quickly implementable advice, and this for various operational logistics and supply/demand chain management topics:

  • Optimization, setup and control of warehouses and distribution centers, including process optimization, WMS concept and selection, benchmarking, performance models and support in setup and startup.
  • Optimization and control of transport and distribution networks, including Distribution Center localization, process optimization, automation and benchmarking.
  • Optimization of demand forecasting and stock parameters.
  • Supplier cooperation and service level agreements.